Ho to take backup of your MacBook using Time Machine?

Data is the most precious thing. We must need to have a backup plan in mind to deal with this kind of situations in life. Let's see how we can do this. Mac OS X comes with pre installed utility called time machine which is your savior in this kind of scenario.  

If you are having 128GB of SSD storage then prefer 1 TB backup drive. 
Let's do it. 

Take fresh 1 TB USB hard drive and connect it with your MacBook. Generally USB hard drive comes with NTFS file system  by default so we must need to convert it into Mac OS partition type.  

After connecting hard drive. Open disk utility from spotlight search [Command + Spacebar, then type Disk Utility]. 
Now select your external hard drive and choose erase. It will format the drive with Mac OS Extended partition. 

Now open time machine from start menu or spotlight search [Command + Spacebar, then type Time Machine].  

Now choose "Select Backup Disk". 

Choose your external drive and click on Use Disk. 
Now backup will start with a countdown.  

Once it done you will get below message.