How to enable root login for SSH?

Many of us have faced this issue while using SSH. You can’t connect root user using SSH. Most of the time users need to login with normal user and then they have to switch the shell. I will show you how to do this for ubuntu or debian OS. This is common solution across Linux OS but debian and ubuntu are relatable for this.

Linux Commands: SSH

SSH is a secure shell which is used for remote access of console in between Linux devices. This command line feature is really cool and lightweight so you can use it in slow internet also. We will understand ssh for beginners in this article.

Linux Commands : head and tail

head and tail are the basic commands. The reason behind writing them here is beginners can learn about this commands. head and tail both are different commands and used for different purpose.    

How to configure VNC server in cent OS 7?

If you want to access your Linux machine's GUI within your network or over the VPN then VNC server will be the best way.  Here I am sharing how to set up or configure VNC server in CentOS 7 step by step.   In this scenario we have a CentOS 7 machine with the desktop environment, so we don’t need to install the desktop environment, we can start installing VNC packages directly.  

Two Must read Linux blogs

If you are a linux geek like me then you must keep yourself updated about recent Linux updates. While surfing on internet I found some of interesting blogs here. I hope you will like it.  

System admin's guide to prevent ransomware

The whole world is facing issue with ransomware attack and every system admin is worried about How to prevent ransomware? Prevention is better than cure. We must need to keep  our self  ready  for such kind of attacks and must need to take preventive actions to avoid such kind of incidents in our network.   Here are the few things I listed out that can help you.  

Ho to take backup of your MacBook using Time Machine?

Data is the most precious thing. We must need to have a backup plan in mind to deal with this kind of situations in life. Let's see how we can do this. Mac OS X comes with pre installed utility called time machine which is your savior in this kind of scenario.