Two Must read Linux blogs

If you are a linux geek like me then you must keep yourself updated about recent Linux updates. While surfing on internet I found some of interesting blogs here. I hope you will like it. 

TecMint []- Tecmint is the first site I come across while searching Linux Tips and tricks. Tecmint is full of Linux knowledge. There are many categories in this blog. Few are as below.  

Linux News - This section is having lot of information about recent news and updates. It can be about new software update, New patch, Any useful information like Gnome will replace  unity.  
Linux Distro’s - This category is full of Linux distro information. You will find information about many new Linux distribution under this category. 
Interview Questions - If you are preparing to appear an interview then this can be your "Geeta".  
Linux Commands - If you love command and passionate about to learn new commands so this is Heaven..  
Linux Tricks - For system admins like me learning new trick is an adventure. 
Best Linux Tools - Linux is all about open source. Here you can find so many useful tools for Linux. 
Certifications - There are study materials available for RHCSA, RHCE, LFCE, LFCS exams.  
Guides - Guide is everything for a geek. This category contains guide about postfix to docket. This is wow..! 
Monitoring Tools - If you are system admin then you will love this. It has all the information for most of open source monitoring tools. Nagios, Zabbix, Cacti and many tools are here with step by step installation guide.  

Its FOSS [] - This blog is huge source of information for me. Whenever I read this blog it gives me some new and useful information about Linux and open source.  

Another reason I love this blog because they supports open source projects by spending monthly 25% earnings of Its FOSS shop. Here is the list of all donations [].  

Abhishek Prakash [] and his team runs this this blog. It has below sections. 

News - This category contents all news, updates about Linux and Open source. 
Linux - It has many useful information about linux. There are four sub categories in it [Gadgets, Games, Desktop, Apps].  5 Myths About Linux That Scares Away New Users [] is must read from it.  
How to - How to's are always there when we get stuck. This section is having all I need. Language is very simple so every new users will also get this.  

I will keep writing about more Linux blogs as soon as I read them.  


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